One season has barely ended and the next one is already lurking behind the corner !

Attention, limited number of participants !!!

Since this year, the noise limit in Francorchamps was restricted to 100 dB.

In order to provide better services we have reviewed our subscription system.

Opening of the Belgian season in Mettet and Spa-Francorchamps : benefit from our promotions !

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Fifteen years ago, the first edition of the Bikers’ Days took place. Since 1999, our formula has known an ever growing success and has allowed numerous bikers to discover some of the legendary European Circuits, starting with Spa-Francorchamps.

Through all those years, our main concern has been to allow you to discover all these tracks under the best possible and safest conditions. Scrutineering, obligatory briefings, track marshals, safety vehicles, the full-time presence of a qualified doctor and his medical staff and a minimum of 2 ambulances on all our events are, together with our instructors and overall staff some of the subjects on which we have and will never cut back!

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