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After a successful spring, the organizing team of the Bikers'Days is planning the second part of the 2016 season.

«It's a project that has been lingering in our heads for a long time now », says Florian Jupsin when he talks about the new destination for the Bikers'Days : Qatar.

May is the month to do something that makes you happy ! For the motorcycle riders among you, a few rounds are waiting for you on the most beautiful track in the world. That might make you happy ... 

It's about time to soften those leather suits, order those tyres and get those steel beauties from under their winter covers: the season opener is (finally) arriving.

Watch out if you hesitate or wait too long : the registrations for our Spanish week are almost SOLD OUT ! 

The 2015 season has barely ended and the Bikers'Days team has already the 2016 calendar ready.

Hurry up ! Friday September 25th is the last Bikers' Days of the year ! There will be plenty of sun ! Only good news !

To conclude the season in beauty Michelin offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and unforgettable day alongside the Italian rider Ivan Goi on the mythical track of Mugello.