ATTENTION : new subscription system for the 2014 Bikers’ Days

In order to provide better services we have reviewed our subscription system.

For this new database you will have to create a new profile the first time you subscribe for a Bikers' Days event. The old database does not exist any longer. After having created your new profile you will receive an e-mail to validate this profile.

Transponders for safety reasons

Just like in 2013, the use of transponders will also be mandatory this year. Don't think that our Bikers' Days will become some kind of competition, quite the contrary. The use of transponders is only to optimize the level of safety.

During the first two runs we collect all your data and based on this information we might put you in another category.

This is a win-win situation because you will ride in a group of participants who evolve on your level, without having to bother about the riders going slower or faster than you.

A very happy 2014

We thank you for your trust in 2013 and wish you a very happy new year, filled with motorcycle fun !