Bikers’Days under the Christmas tree !


In just a few weeks, he will be back! Who is that ? Santa Claus, of course! With a lot of gifts for the children who have been good, little and big ones. Before you even brainstorm to find what will make everyone happy, DG Sport makes it easy for you and reminds you that the 'Bikers'Days' gift certificates remain a very appreciated present!

To order a 'Bikers'Days' gift voucher and make that two wheels fan close to you happy, is simple: just go to, 'Information' then 'Gift Certificates', fill out the form, submit it ... and pay the amount to the bank account mentioned.

Once the payment has been received, DG Sport sends the registered gift voucher to the address provided. As soon as the future user spoiled by Father Christmas has chosen the date of the 'Bikers'Days' to which he will take part, he will send his full details to DG Sport and his registration will be validated. An e-mail confirmation will arrive more or less two weeks before the event.

Please note that according to the dates and circuits of the different 'Bikers'Days' of the 2020 season, prices vary. Go to the 'Calendar' page of the site, to learn the conditions for each day.

That's it, the bikers close to you only have to be good now in anticipation of the passage of the Man in Red, just to make sure they deserve their 'Bikers'Days' gift voucher...