The Bikers'Days 2015 calendar is out now !

One season has barely ended and the next one is already lurking behind the corner !

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you our activities in 2015. As you will notice : there will be fun for everyone !

As usual, national and international tracks follow one another, starting with our famous Spanish week beginning of March.

To kick off the season in style and with some nice temperatures, we head for the track of Aragon followed by Valencia. And as if that would not be enough, a few days later, we propose you a trip to Catalunya.  Do we have to remind you that these are three MotoGP tracks ? Only the very best to start the season.

After that we await the beginning of April and the first days of sping to return to our own soil by visiting the track of Mettet, followed by Spa-Francorchamps. For this one and the programmed Warm up Day we would like to draw your attention to the special rate proposed for this return to the Ardennes. Up to you to benefit from it and to get back on track, awakening your motorcycle from its winter sleep. Especially as this event at exceptional rate still offers all our usual services.

After that, the dates follow one another quickly and we hop from one track to another, often with stops at Spa-Francorchamps inbetween events in Misano, the Nürburgring and Mugello. Allowing you to enjoy 100%!

All information and registrations are available on our website

2015 calendar

SPANISH WEEK  7 and 8 March : Aragon (confirmed) &  10 and 11 March Valencia

25, 26 and 27 March : Catalunya (Barcelona)

11 and 12 April : Mettet

WARM UP DAY (special rate : 199 Euros)

27 April : Spa-Francorchamps

8, 9 and 10 May : Misano

16 and 17 May : Spa-Francorchamps

28 May : Spa-Francorchamps

8 June : Mettet

22 June : Spa-Francorchamps

2 July : Spa-Francorchamps

7 July : Nürburgring

4 August : Spa-Francorchamps

7 and 8 August : Spa-Francorchamps

31 August : Spa-Francorchamps

18, 19 and 20 September : Mugello

25 September : Spa-Francorchamps


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