LAST MINUTE at Spa : bumper rate!

Good news: the first Spa weekend of the Bikers’Days 2017 is treating itself to an extension. And not just any seeing it is linked to Monday 1st May, a national holiday.

Celebrating labour day on the most awesome circuit in the world is quite a tempting programme. All the more so as the rate offered for this additional day is difficult to beat: 229€! For all those keen on participating in the three days, the organisers have also reduced the price to a maximum: 650 €. And those who have already registered for the 29th and 30th April can also take full advantage of this interesting “3-day promotion”.

To recap: 650 € for the three days, 539 € for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and 229 € for Monday 1st May … Who can top that?

But before that, the Belgian season’s kick-off of the Bikers’Days will be on the Mettet circuit. This will also be over a weekend, namely on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April. Two full days are on the programme of this Belgian warm-up, with six runs of 20 minutes for four levels of riders, ranging from “Leisure” through to “Licence holders”. With the customary Bikers’Days service, and notably the presence of the Michelin tyre service.

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