A last minute track day at Spa on Saturday 13 June !


Thrill seekers are getting ready to experience a month of July that couldn't be more intense with Bikers'Days scheduled at Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans and Mettet. DG Sport is also able to announce excellent news confirming the rapid resumption of track activities. An additional date, Saturday June 13, is indeed making its appearance on the 2020 calendar!

"As we saw on the roads during the long Pentecost weekend, the motorcycles came out of their garages, comments Florian Jupsin, Bike Manager at DG Sport. And the demand to go and let off steam on track is high. In close collaboration with Spa-Francorchamps, we are pleased to announce that a last minute date has been added to our early summer program: Saturday June 13 ! An opportunity that fans of the most beautiful circuit in the world are sure to take ..."

And good news never comes alone : DG Sport is able to offer this Bikers’Day at a bargain price: € 200 ! "For long weeks, everyone had to put the brake on it, continues Florian. By proposing a new date at a more than friendly price, DG Sport intends to contribute to making the lockdown more pleasant. It will of course be necessary to respect social distancing and basic safety measures, but each biker can count on us to watch over everyone's health. Let it be said, the time to resume the track has indeed come! "