New evolution in noise limit at Spa-Francorchamps

Since this year, the noise limit in Francorchamps was restricted to 100 dB.

Due to the fact that this limit has been exceeded several times in the 2013 season, DG Sport was obliged to review this limit, trying to affect the participants as little as possible with regards to this sensitive subject.

New measures were taken that are supplementary to the new measures of the beginning of this year, as these did not suffice :

1. without dB killer participants will be refused at the noise test and on track;
2. the Ducati Panigale R will only be allowed at the noise tests and on track if equipped with the original exhaust. If the motorcycle is equipped with the Termignoni racing exhaust, delivered separately as an original part, the bike will not be allowed on track.

We count on your comprehension in order for these new rules to be implemented in all serenity. These will allow us to further organise motorcycle events in the future and for you to be able to continue to live your passion.