Spain : sun, circuits and Bikers'Days !

Lucky ones those Spanish riders ! Not only do they live under the sun and in the warmth most part of the year, they also have many tracks and circuits so they are able to train the entire year... Many Belgian riders are very envious of that.

Although thanks to DG Sport, they can enjoy these Spanish privileges once a year. This event, better known as The Spanish Week, has become a tradition on the Bikers'Days calendar, even though the event itself keeps evolving.

For 2017, the organization has added a fairly unknown circuit to this week, unknown yet with many qualities. Parcmotor in Castelloli is a 4,1 km long circuit that is situated at half an hour from Barcelona. It lays amidst the mountains in a 100 hectare big park featuring many tracks and facilities : kart, enduro, cross, trial, 4X4, supermoto... A true paradise for fans of motorised sports, and fans of free time in general, there is even an area dedicated to paintball !  

But of course it is the main circuit that is the most important one for the participants of the Spanish Week. This one is 4,146 m long and is a mainly technical circuit with 8 turns, an equal amount of right and left ones. Good for the tyre wear and to obtain the ideal tyre temperature ! It is a large circuit so it has many riding lines, making it suited for several types of motorcycles.

"It is hilly like in Lédenon, but faster", says a regular customer of the track who is very enthusiastic about the circuit that opened in 2009. No wonder if you know that Toni Elias, Carlos Checa and Alex Crivillé contributed to its development.

In short, a modern circuit with long corners and nice connections, that longs to be discovered, especially as it is situated in a unique environment. The Bikers'Days welcome you there on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of March...

The second part of the Spanish Week takes you to the South, in the direction of Valencia and its famous circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste, well known thanks to its many motorcycle riders, from occasional riders to MotoGP and Superbike stars.

Just like in Castelloli, two full days are planned in Valencia (from 9h00 till 18h00) : Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of March, with the usual Bikers'Days services : four clearly divided riding levels (Free Time, Fast, Very Fast, Expert - with lap time surveillance), "Michelin Racing Service" tyre service to guide the participants in their choice of tyres and their settings, a very convivial event...

A detail that is worth mentioning : the organization can take care of the transportation of your bike and material... Or how to travel like a factory rider ! And last but not least there are the Bikers'Days, who are not integrated in the Spanish Week at the beginning of March but who are heading for Spain also, more specifically to the circuit of Catalunya in Montmelo (Barcelona) on March 27th, 28th and 29th. Questions, information and registrations ?